Spinning Views' 2019 objectives

December 23, 2018

2018! What a year for aerial photography and Spinning Views! We not only started the company and received our PfCO from the CAA, but we also worked on challenging commercial jobs and delighted our customers. As the end of the year nears, it's time to step back and define our objectives for 2019. 


Continue delighting customers


As of today, we are very proud to advertise a 5/5 score on Trustpilot (our actual score is just above 4 as Trustpilot scores down businesses with a smaller number of reviews). Customer satisfaction is paramount at Spinning Views, let's keep it that way in 2019!


Make better drone films


We always want to improve. In 2019, we will make every effort to deliver better drone films. How? Shooting more, editing more, embracing good and bad feedback with honesty, reading and learning from others!


As we stand, based on our Vimeo statistics, viewers watch on average 36% of Spinning Views films (this metric is a bit unfair as some films are loaded automatically on our customers' websites and are counted as not watched when viewers navigate between pages). Anyway! In 2019, we want to push this metric to 50%.


Achieve a 100% ROI on operational expenditure costs


As we stand today (December 2018), we have paid back 23.5% of the company operational expenditure costs (and with a relatively high amount of accounts receivable in the pipeline). Our objective in 2019 is to achieve a 100% return on investments. This will be achieved through sales and improving our invoicing process.


Get more backlinks to boost SEO


As Adam Riemer from SearchEngineJournal.com puts it: “Focusing on quality [backlinks] over quantity is what can help to protect your site as Google updates.”


With an average position of 32.3 over the last three months, it is fair to say that the website (spinningviews.co.uk) doesn't rank well on Google. The primary reason for this is the lack of quality inbound links to our domain. We only have 29 now, which is very low. Over the next year, we plan to acquire more links through two channels: links from customers' websites to our front page and links to our blog posts that we need to make more "link worthy" with better content. 


Between others, we will start sharing our posts' on LinkedIn and Bing Places as well as writing content focused on the UK commercial drone photography community by interviewing key players and publishing transcripts to the blog. We will also film charities events, for backlinks to our domain.

Develop our stock activity


This year, we have put online a number of short clips for sale (see the Our Creations page of our website, section Stock) but guess what, we sold none! This is a tricky business segment to tackle but the demand is definitely there.


In 2019, we will adopt the appropriate marketing strategy to sell more of those. 


Get more contracts on Upwork


The beauty of being a drone videomaker is that it involves so many different skills. While I certainly do love flying drones, I love editing footage too. In 2019, we'll get more editing or post-processing contracts through Upwork (where customers shoot their own drone footage and send it to us for editing). Watch this space!


Develop the Flying Portrait and strengthen our niche


Initially, Spinning Views was created after the realisation that on the market, nobody could offer short drone videos, with music, to couples or families. We wanted to fill this gap and as a result, create the Flying Portrait product. But after a year in the business, we fell in the classic drone videomaking trap: do too much real estate drone advertising and move away from our brave niche. 


In 2019, we will focus on our niche by marketing and selling more Flying Portraits. On top of that, we will accentuate the brand visual identity by having a new logo designed and create our own LUTs instead of buying them from others.


Concluding notes


2018 has been a fantastic year for Spinning Views. Was has worked well for us was to put customer satisfaction first and consistently learning and improving our processes both for making aerial videos and running the business.


We can't wait to start 2019 and work on all our objectives. We'll report back in 12 months and see how well we performed!  Thank you for faithfully reading our posts this year, see you on the other side!


That's all (for this year) folks! Fly safe!

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